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Model No: LX18AAA-050310-ZE

Dual port usb charger 5v 3.1a wall travel power adapter with EU plug CE ROHS LX18AAA-050310-ZE

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.7A
Output: 5V 3.1A
Max power: 15.5W
AC plug: EU plug
Certification: CE ROHS
USB port: 2 USB-A ports
Color: Black or White
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1 piece
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$2.90 - $2.90 / piece
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The dual port USB charger is a versatile and efficient device that comes with two USB ports, enabling simultaneous charging of multiple devices through a power outlet with high power output and fast charging speeds.

  • Type:Electric, usb wall charger, Power Supply Adapter, Fast Charger, Wall Type
  • Usage:Home Security System, mobile phones and tablets
  • Material:PC Fireproof Material, ABS
  • Product name: Dual port usb charger 5v 3.1a
  • Protection:Short Circuit Protection, ovp, OTP, OLP, ocp
  • Private Mold:NO
  • Function:Charging
  • Brand Name:HECHOBO
  • Model Number:LX18AAA-050310-ZE
  • Port:2 X USB
  • Input voltage and current:100-240V/0.7A
  • output voltage and current:5V 3.1A
  • Output Power:15.5W
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • input voltage:90-265V
  • Output voltage:DC 5V
  • Output current:3100mA
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Color:Black OR White
  • Certificate:CE ROHS
  • Socket Standard:EU plug
  • Output mode:2 USB ports