Charger UL certification standard

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I believe that the charger is familiar to everyone, and it is very common in our lives, such as mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles, etc., all need to use the charger. However, as 3C products become more and more lightweight and easy to carry, the size of the charger is getting smaller and smaller, the size is small, and the safety hazard comes out, so that in order to enable consumers to buy safe products, many The products need to be UL serious before leaving the factory. UL is seriously testing and certification of product safety performance. What are the UL certification standards for chargers?

       Charger UL certification standard:

1. Need to apply for UL certification

      The applicant signs the application form and the tracking service agreement, and sends the form back to the UL company. At the same time, the sample is sent by post at the post office or by express mail. Please send the sample of the charger for inspection. (such as name, model). Please send the application form and charger sample separately. For each application, UL will specify a unique project number (projectNo.) to indicate the project number and application company name when remittance, sample delivery and application form, in order to facilitate UL inspection.

2, need to test the product

      Upon receipt of the application form, remittance, and experimental samples signed by your company, UL will notify the time of completion of the experimental plan. Charger product testing is generally performed in UL laboratories in the United States. UL also accepts audited participation in third-party test data, and experimental samples will be returned or destroyed according to your requirements.

      If the test results of the charger products meet the requirements of the UL standard, UL will issue a test report and a tracking service. The test report will detail the test conditions, the indicators reached, the product structure and the safety signs suitable for the use of the product. A description of the product and instructions for the UL Regional Inspector are included in the Tracking Service Rules. A copy of the inspection report is sent to the applicant company and a copy of the tracking service details is sent to each production facility.

3. The applicant is authorized to use the UL mark

The UL regional inspector in China contacted the production plant for the first factory inspection. The inspector checked the product and its parts in the production line and the warehouse inventory. It was confirmed whether the product structure and parts were consistent with the tracking service rules. If required by the rules, The area inspector will also conduct a witness test, and when the result of the inspection meets the requirements, the applicant is authorized to use the UL mark.

After the IPI, the inspectors will go to the factory to check the product structure and conduct the sighting test from time to time. The frequency of inspection is determined by the type of product and the quantity of production. Most types of products are inspected at least four times a year. The inspectors are inspecting Ensure that the product continues to be consistent with UL requirements. Before you design changes to the product structure or components, please notify UL, minor changes, no need to repeat any experiments, UL can quickly modify the tracking service rules, so that inspectors can accept This change. When UL believes that product changes affect its safety performance, it is necessary to apply for a new sample submitted by the company for necessary testing.

The charger UL certification standard is shared here. UL certification is essential to purchase safe and qualified products, so you must check if you are UL certified when you purchase the charger.

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