Is mobile phone charger really harmful?

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       It has become a habit for many people to charge a battery charger, and I believe it is not just one or two people. Most people may not be satisfied with this, so is it really harmful not to pull out the charger? Today, green Xiangyuan charger is high speed. Is it true?      手机充电器不拔真的有害处吗?
     1. The charger uses a transformer to convert high voltage into low voltage. If the charger is not pulled out of the socket for a long time and it is not connected to the mobile phone, it is "no-load" and "no-load" also has current passing through. If the charger is not unplugged for a long time, the inner circuit board of the charger is electrified for a long time, which will lead to the ageing of the charger.

      The charger will experience aging, shorten the life of the charger, and shorten the time of charger. More serious, it is very likely that there will be an explosion. Thunderbolt Barak might have exploded, which would further damage the circuit.

      2. If the charger is of poor quality and the charger is not pulled out for a long time, it will easily lead to short circuit, which is likely to cause fire, explosion, accidental electric shock and other accidents at any time.

      3. does mobile phone charger really harm? Now we all know the harm of mobile phone charger. Finally, the green Xiangyuan charger customized suggestions, we must develop a good habit of unplugging the mobile phone charger after charging. In addition, try to choose the original charger, and the charger is best away from the bed, clothing, cloth sofa and other inflammable and explosive materials

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